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Private Prescriptions Posted or Updated on 24 Nov 2023

Some of our patients may wish to be seen privately in view of long NHS waiting lists.  Where appropriate, we are happy to refer patients to the private sector.  On some occasions however, private specialists may recommend ongoing medication and advise that this can be prescribed by the NHS. 

If patients choose to use the private health care sector, subsequent transfer back to NHS care must meet the usual NHS Commissioning arrangements, including being in line with the locally agreed Interface Formulary and guidelines.  


Your GP is not obliged to continue a prescription that was initiated by a private specialist. We realise that this can cause distress and we will endeavour to help whenever possible. Sometimes private clinicians prescribe specialist medication that requires monitoring.  On these occasions we will not agree to prescribe these medications with NHS prescriptions, we will refer to the apporpriate NHS clinic to review whether a prescription is required.  If so, the NHS clinic would then send a 'Shared Care Agreement'.  We will not accept such agreements from private clinicians.